Smartwares is an agile, adaptive, family run business that is prepared to do what it takes for our customers. Our foundational brand Taskmaster has been around for 30 years, and since acquisition in 2014 by the current owners, this brand alongside others has grown exponentially.

Smartwares research retailers globally for packaging, innovative ideas and to keep up with the latest trends. We build categories with the new products we manufacture to suit the Australian market. Across our brands,  we identify gaps in the market from low to high end products, all while focusing on maintaining quality, price and service. 

Our values of think customer, get it done and have fun have seen our company grow to one where nothing is too hard and people have fun. We are known as the reliable, creative, explorative supplier who is trustworthy, agile, adaptive and is easy to do business with.

Our Brand Values


We focus on quality and affordability. Smartwares products range from entry level through to high end, with a value proposition in mind. While our quality compares very favourably with major brands, we keep in mind that consumers need products that work well at an affordable price. Our goal is always to source and create products where price is never a barrier to acquisition, and that our customers are never disappointed by the quality they purchase.


We explore globally and adapt locally. Smartwares is a house of over 14 brands. We have a strong manufacturing arm that allows us to create anything that our retailers need and we have a footprint across Australia, Europe, Asia, the USA and New Zealand. Travelling globally, we specialise in taking attractive products and improving on their fit to the Australian market. Our creative brands add value to products, adapting colours, sizes, packaging and volumetric considerations.


We are easy to do business with.
Smartwares source, range and manage our brands so that our products arrive in store on time, every time and we focus on doing what it takes to predict and deliver on our client’s needs. Through in store presentations, side stacks, and creative displays, we help our clients in their brand performance, and to generate stronger customer loyalty and higher market penetration, with higher sales overall.